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Lavender & Fruit Foaming Hand Soap with Screw Cap
Lavender & Fruit Foaming Hand Soap with Screw Cap
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Lavender & Fruit Foaming Hand Soap with Screw Cap

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Volume 12 fl oz 355 ml 

This isn't your ordinary lavender scent. Lavender and Fruit embrace the original lavender scent we all know and love but end with a hint of refined freshness from our pure orange essential oil. A true classic with a lively end tone.

Genuine botanical scents

tangerine essential oil ∙ lavandin essential oil ∙ orange essential oil ∙ rosemary extract

Pure Essential Oils and Herbs only. No perfume, fragrance, or fragrance oil.

It matters. Personal care products labeling perfume, fragrance, derived fragrance, or unspecified oils other than essential oil leads to undesirable and unnecessary concerns: allergies, bioaccumulation, immunotoxicity, non-reproductive organ system toxicity, irritation to skin, eyes, or lungs, ecotoxicology, etc.

Full ingredient details
Crafted with organic coconut and sunflower oils by using the traditional process of saponification, purified water, organic plant glycerin, tangerine essential oil, lavandin essential oil, orange essential oil, rosemary extract.

Made in USA. Certified Cruelty-Free by The Leaping Bunny. Foaming Hand Soap stays fresh for one year from the date of manufacture. Packaging developed sustainably from 100% reclaimed plastic waste, single-stream recyclable material.