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Reducing our environmental impact is a striving journey. Here's what we are doing:

Ethically made

We believe minimalism is beyond just appearances. Our most shared and used everyday essentials are introduced with organic ingredients and formulated with botanicals retained in their most natural state. Made in the USA in clean ingredients facilities, meaning no trace of synthetics is allowed. Always - Truly natural, down to the scent™. No perfume, no fragrance, no fragrance oil.

Our packaging is designed and manufactured clean without the use of chemical additives for appearances or texture. Options are abundant nowadays to level-up the texture and color of packaging; however, chemical additives and additional layering for fast gratification isn't our purpose. The process itself isn't Earth-friendly and contributes to less effective recycling.

Closing the loop

0% new resin for bottles. We use sustainably sourced Post-Consumer Resin (PCR, HDPE No. 2) for our Stackable Cube Bottle™*. HDPE is environmentally stable, does not release harmful fumes into the environment, and is infinitely recyclable for multiple purposes.

At ORGANIC CUBE, design takes place at raw materials sourcing, and we track the volume of reclaimed plastic waste that helps produce our products. To ensure recycler's practice and outputs, we work directly with upstream recyclers who comply with European Quality Standard EN 15343: 2007 and EuCertPlast Certified™. We take part in supporting a circular economy for PCR materials.

Intentionally designed

We achieve more by designing from scratch:

Stackable Cube Bottle™* not only was it created to deliver a neat and orderly space with enhanced stackable feature, we consume less energy - with every bottle produced, we use 75% less energy than producing from virgin materials (i.e., conventional plastics, bioplastics), and shipping efficiency increased by at least 17%.

Something new coming soon, stay tuned.

Single-stream material

We design single-stream recyclable packaging with a less overall environmental impact than standard alternatives: no difficult to recycle or non-recyclable multi-layered mixed materials (i.e., No. 7 plastic, drink cartons, refill pack/pouches).

Zero waste

We provide premium recycling care to customers in the United States. For a pre-paid return label, please e-mail Hello@MyOrganicCube.com with subject: Recycle

1. Ready for disposal ORGANIC CUBE foaming pumps will be recycled through TerraCycle® ALL-IN-ONE-ZERO WASTE BOX™.

2. Cube Bottles Take Back (minimum 3 bottles): Designed for customers without the following recycling access: weekly curbside pickup, seasonal special clean-ups, community recycling stations, store recycling bin drop-off, etc.

When Cube Bottles are recycled through us, it makes its way back to our EuCertPlast Certified Recycler. It undergoes mechanical recycling and reverses into the original HDPE-regrind pellets, and is infinitely recyclable for multiple purposes.

*Patent pending design, all rights reserved.